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Sri Sai Kripa Stones was founded by Mr. R.K. Sudrania and Mr. Pradeep Saraf. After a combined experience of 25 years in the industry, the group was formed with the clear vision to create a customer friendly environment in this then unorganised trade. The group now has a strength of over 30 committed persons.

The company started with granite trading in 2006 with an outlet at Gurjar ki thadi, Jaipur, backed strongly by the manufacturing unit at Pali, Rajasthan. After that they never looked back. Trading grew from few colours to hundreds, domestic stones to most exotic stones from various countries. Gradually they entered into multifaceted businesses of construction like imported marbles, vitrified tiles, acrylic solid surfaces, Aluminium fabrication, adhesives and Construction chemicals.

We now hold a strong presence in market and are well recognised by prominent architects, builders and designers. It has gone from strength to strength and became a million dollar company in 2011 and is ever expanding.

GoPure Natural Ice-Creams is a brand that has taken Rajasthan by storm.This is high quality Natural Ice-Cream with no added flavours, preservatives, colours or any kind of chemicals.These are made of Fruit/Dry fruit, Sugar and Milk.GoPure offers widest range of Natural Ice-Creams in the country including sorbets.It’s a very rare case that an eatable is healthy and can tickle your taste buds at the same time.These Ice Creams have low fat ratio and can be consumed guilt free.

If you have a suitable space at a premium location kindly feel free to contact.


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